Working Groups

The Greek Chamber of Commerce is aiming at bringing added value to professionals and legal entities with an interest in the Hong Kong- Greece relations.

To this end, the working groups of the Chamber are designed to spearhead its mission and objectives by bringing together experts specific industry sectors on a regular basis, to discuss and disseminate information on the promotion of Hong Kong-Greece relations.


The Tourism Group aims to provide information about Greece and Hong Kong as travel destinations! People will be able to find and ask useful tips regarding their trip to Greece or to Hong Kong. Finally, we will update everyone about the new trends in tourism and traveling.


The Investment and Finance Group supports and promotes the development of the financial services sector. The Group provides input to regulators, legislators and other stakeholders on issues, proposals, and enquiries related to the interests of the companies and relevant to the financial services sector of Greece and Hong Kong.


The Cultural and Academic Exchanges Group aims to bring closer the universities of Greece and Hong Kong, promote student exchanges, and foster research collaborative projects. Further, the group supports and sponsors activities familiarizing the people of Hong Kong with the Greek culture, tradition, language, and art.


The purpose of Entrepreneurship (Tech & Innovation) Group is to advise and educate on the best market practices of digital transformation and share the latest innovative technology trends. We aim to connect you with the major pillars of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and drivers of smart growth and help you with market entries, scaling or pivots and cross-country collaborations.


The Environment and Sustainability Group aims to strengthen research, collaboration and communication between Greece and Hong Kong towards achieving environmental protection and sustainability goals. Points of interest include governmental, academic or industrial initiatives that facilitate sustainable energy transitions through smart technology.